2004 UC San Diego FSAE Alumni looking for dependable, smart, detail-oriented, and enthusiastic mechatronic/sparky/DAQ types with some wiring experience and opinions about system integrity. I'd be happy to answer questions about the job - please send resumes and such to HR per below. You know we'll want to see your system design portfolio.

Summary of Position:

Zero Motorcycles is interested in placing an engineer in the Electrical Engineering group responsible for integrating major electrical system componentry. A key task of this position is to design wiring harnesses meeting the rigors of off-highway vehicle use cases under the pressures of commercial pricing structures and component utilization. This position is full time and will be working in our Scotts Valley, California headquarters and will report to the Director of Electrical Engineering.

Key Responsibilities:
* Collaborate with team of designers to design wiring harnesses that physically connect both in-house developed and off-the-shelf devices
* Create and maintain electrical system architecture schematics
* Engage in relationships across Zero Motorcycles to successfully track and assist in product development deliverables with current suppliers and open doors of new suppliers offering step-function value growth to the company

Required Education/Experience:
* Combination of Bachelor’s in related Engineering field, i.e. Electrical, Aerospace, Mechatronics & 5 yrs Transportation Industry experience including product development, release to production, and retrofit support
* Electric Power conversion techniques
* EV/HEV architecture knowledge and bias due to critical thinking and experimentation

Skills and Attributes
* Hands-on wiring harness assembly knowledge and technique including in-line termination styles, branch layup, connector component terminology, fixing elements, materials selection, SI methods, conductor and fuse sizing, and life expectancy protection
* Working knowledge of software-based wiring harness design tools and corresponding output design specification package contents
* 3D MCAD navigation, SolidWorks preferred
* Design and lifecycle process tool awareness, utilization, and track record of engagement in improvement activities
* Perform detailed design peer reviews including assist in program content shaping as vehicle developments change scope in the product development lifecycle
* Create Documentation of Value including wiring harness build-to-print designs, Test Procedures, Intended Installation Instructions, Development reports, Summaries of Tradeshow Attendance, Knowledgebase articles and distilled Industry Standard guidelines
* Transparent time management and task prioritization habits
* Exhibit exceptional troubleshooting and problem solving skills

Other Requirements
* Licensed motorcycle rider a plus
* On occasion, domestic or international travel may be required

Physical and Sensory Requirements:
* Candidate must be able to sit for long periods of time to perform duties, and to walk around and make inquiries from other staff, management as needed
* Must be able to bend or stoop down to access files, including lifting of items or objects up to 30 lbs

Please send resume & cover letter to HR@zeromotorcycles.com