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Thread: Internship in Pirelli World Challenge with CRP Racing R8 LMS GT3 team

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    Internship in Pirelli World Challenge with CRP Racing R8 LMS GT3 team

    I am recruiting on behalf of Hawk Performance/CRP Racing, a top Pirelli World Challenge GT team racing an Audi R8 LMS GT3. Driver Mike Skeen was runner up in the 2014 championship and this team is a serious contender in 2015.

    The team is seeking a Data Acquisition Engineer (DAG) for the 2015 season. The position is fly-in, not full time, and thus will require travel. You must be able to attend all of the GT races on the schedule, which can be found here:
    Please read carefully as some of the events listed are TC only.
    You must also have a valid U.S. passport to attend the event in Canada.

    Basic Requirements:
    Able to travel, work 12-16 hour days in all weather conditions, and in a noisy environment.
    Must be physically fit, able to go over the wall, and lift or carry at least 50 pounds. Running or sprinting is sometimes required.
    A self motivated critical thinker who can diagnose and solve problems they have never seen before in time critical situations.
    A good outgoing personality that can integrate well into a great team.
    Strong mechanical aptitude and know your way around a toolbox.
    High level of proficiency with computers and electronics.
    Ability to diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair wiring looms and harnesses.
    Knowledge of the theory and operation of data acquisition systems and sensors.
    Knowledge of vehicle dynamics, suspension setup, and racecar aerodynamics.
    Not afraid to pick up a rag and clean something without being told to.

    Desired Requirements:
    Prior sports car or open wheel experience at any level, as a driver, crew member, or engineer.
    Experience with professional level data acquisition systems such as Motec, Bosch, Pi, Cosworth, Aim or Magnetti Marelli.
    Know how to analyze data with respect to engine and gearbox vitals, chassis setup, and driver performance.
    Practical knowledge of CAN network communication protocols.
    Experience with motor sports video recording systems such as RaceKeeper, ChaseCam, Aim SmartyCam, and GoPro.

    I am posting this here to encourage FSAE students or recent graduates to apply, so it is understandable if you do not have a lot of experience yet. However, since opportunities for young engineers in motor sports are very limited, we will only be considering people who are serious and committed to a career in pro racing and simply need the right opportunity to get started. Only top notch resumes from bright experienced FSAE team leaders will be considered. If you don't live, breathe and think about racing and FSAE, then this is not for you.

    I am currently employed as the Customer Support Engineer for Audi Sport Customer Racing USA, and support R8 LMS teams on the IMSA and PWC paddocks.
    You will receive support and training from myself on the operation of the Bosch data logging system and the associated software, RaceCon and WinDarab.
    I will be at all the races to answer questions and can help you get up to speed quickly with some tips and trick to make you an effective DAG.

    This is an unpaid internship to start out, but if you turn out to be good, we can get you paid and I possibly have a lot more work for you in the future.

    Please send a resume and cover letter to cragone@ascrusa.com.

    In your cover letter, please state why you want to work in racing and talk about your role and responsibility on your FSAE team.

    Good luck and thanks for applying.

    Cody Ragone
    Audi Sport Customer Racing USA

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    This position has been filled. Thanks to all that applied. Be sure to check back for future job openings.

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