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Thread: New dynatune suspension design modules

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    New dynatune suspension design modules

    Hi All,

    DYNATUNE-XL has just released two new additional Suspension Design Modules that allow next to full kinematic analysis also a deep dive into
    Suspension Compliant Behaviour and Link Load Calculation. Now you can do 99% of your Suspension Design & Vehicle Dynamics Tuning in Excel !

    Free License for Formula SAE Teams, best value for money on the market !

    Check it out on www.dynatune-xl.com

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    Looks like you sell some neat products. You should really consider show casing your software with videos (youtube will allow you to embed videos on your page) rather than screenshots. Anyone can post pictures of suspension diagrams and excel tables / graphs but I bet you'll see an increase in sales if you show prospective customer why the need your product.
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    Thank you OspreysGoSWOOP for your comments. Anyone can download on the site a demo version of the "Base" Variant of the Suspension Design Module or the Ride & Handling Setup Tool
    to play with the tools and get a feeling for the products. With respect to your comment of the Video we will consider it, that but as you can imagine, animation features are quite limited in
    an Excel sheet (and really do not carry the emphasis in the tools).

    The objective of the tools is to provide to the interested customer a series of robust tools, that build on more than 20 year experience with a range of unique features that cannot be found
    on the market - without diverting to hugely expensive and complex tools - at extremely competitive pricing, with a straight forward commonly known interface (excel) and focus on the best result with the
    least amount of data needed. And for FSAE there is a free package ...

    Cheers and thanks again for your thoughts !

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