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Thread: Radiator hoses

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    Radiator hoses

    hi there
    We were considering using aluminum radiator hoses for our new car instead of the rubber ones for being lighter and helpful in heat dissipation but we have concerns about the flexibility of these aluminum hoses i.e. if we face any problems during car assembly and have to change the configuration of the hoses in any way will it be possible then , I've also been told that the rubber hoses help damp the engine vibrations and isolate them from the radiator !! so what do you think ? Has anyone used aluminum hoses and faced such problems ?

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    People have and do regularly. Aly does provide a lighter, more elegant solution, but it is important to understand that this all comes with risks, the welding and mounts are usually the big ones, cracking here due to vibrations. Joins are still nice and easy to do with rubber sections (and you can get some pretty colours too).

    If you can workout a way to isolate or damp the vibrations from passing through the aly that is one problem sorted.
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    Ok thanks, another question 🙋 Do i just have to keep the hoses as short and straight as possible or some other criterion decides ?

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    We used aluminum tubing in our last combustion cars in 2010 and 2011 with no problems. Straight/slightly bent tubes with silicone angle joints. Way lighter and more sturdy than full rubber/silicone ones. Using silicone connectors isolates against vibrations pretty well (we used a single back then)

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    @mech5496 could you recommend a manufacturer who makes aluminum hoses someone you tried !!

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    They were just off a supply store, around 20mm if I can recall correctly, with around 2mm WT

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    If you have a hose over the end of an aluminum tube, don't forget to have a bead at end of the tube. It is this bead that the hose clamp will react against. You do NOT rely on radial clamping to hold a hose in place.

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