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Thread: engine idling for new intake. urgent help required.

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    engine idling for new intake. urgent help required.

    we manufactured a new intake for our KTM 390 engine but the problem is the engine struggles while idling and on certain occasions the engine stops when there is no accelerator pedal movement. we are certain that this is the problem caused by our new intake which isnt compatible with the engine. if anyone could help us in changing the idling settings of the engine, it would be of great help.
    Please contact us

    sanath salunkhe
    College of Engineering Pune

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    Sanath, the best engines we ever had would never idle. It's all in the tuning and combustion stability.

    I'll leave the rest of the questions to engine gurus, but I'll start the questions.

    Are you using a stock ECU? If not stock, what ECU are you using?
    If it is a stock ECU, you'll need to modify the controls somehow for your engine to go with your updated mechanical parts. What fueling and spark characteristics may have worked for a stock motorbike intake, may be very different for your Formula Student intake. This may require access to the code in the stock ECU (very difficult) or switching to an ECU that is made for user adjustment, made by such companies as Motec (professional), Peformance Electronics, Megasqurt (the simplest and cheapest), or some other option that may be more available locally.

    Have you made any other changes to the engine? Exhaust? Injectors or injector placement? Restrictor in place? These will all affect your air and fuel flows.

    Good luck.
    Kettering University Vehicle Dynamics
    Formula SAE 2010 - 2015
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    MCoach, we are using the stock ECU and we have a 20mm restrictor according to the rules.we manufactured the exhaust. There are no changes in the engine otherwise. Thank you for suggesting the idea of user oriented ECU's. I will surely look into that. Thank you for your help.

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