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Thread: Availability of certain spring rates

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    Availability of certain spring rates

    I am new to the forum therefore, in the beginning, I would like to introduce myself and say hi to you.
    My name is Robert and I am a member of WUT Racing team from Poland, in which I am responsible for shock system design.

    This is my first season in the competition so I am not very experienced. In addition, our team was significantly reorganized after many members had graduated.
    Please, don't be mad if my topic appears annoying to you.

    I encounter some major problem. I spend many months doing my best to make sure the shock system consisting of rocker, pushrod and damper works in a single plane. I also managed to make the plane nearly vertical, the push rod to be as little inclined as possible and motion ratio to be approximately 1.
    (We have anti roll bars too).

    My calculations show that spring rates we need are 100 lbs/in and 125 lns/in for front and rear axle respectively. Comparing these values to spring rates of springs available on the market and dedicated for FSAE, my rates appear to be very low. Only KAZ Technologies have such springs in their catalogue.

    Do you guys know any other manufacturers who offer springs that are similar stiffness and have dimensions allowing to mount them on Ohlins TTX25 MkII damper?

    I would much appreciate any advice.

    Best regards
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    If you increase your motion ratio slightly (.7 ~ .85 range), then you should line up nicely with the spring rates that are offered.

    Beyond that, you can either have a company make custom springs for you that match the TTX25 MkII spec springs or switch dampers.
    I think changing the motion ratio would be easiest.

    Good luck.
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