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Thread: FS: (4) KAZ Penske DA FSAE Dampers // (4) Uprated KAZ Damper Shafts

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    FS: (4) KAZ Penske DA FSAE Dampers // (4) Uprated KAZ Damper Shafts

    The continued cannibalization of recent SDSMT FSAE entries has produced a surplus set of KAZ Double Adjustable 50mm Penske FSAE Dampers. These Penske DAs are in good condition overall, but I recommend installing new seals while you are revalving for your application.

    Additionally, we have an unopened set of KAZ 50mm hollow-steel piston shafts. These uprated components are available simply because they are incompatible with the 75mm dampers we now use. I'm prepared to sell these separately, but package deal offers are welcome.

    4 x 50mm Stroke Penske Double Adjustable Dampers [Used] -$1975
    4 x 50mm Hollow Steel Damper Shafts [New/Unopened] -$290

    Feel free to message me here on the forums, or at benjamin.kroon@mines.sdsmt.edu

    Ben Kroon
    Chief Engineer
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    Can I see the picture of 50mm Stroke Penske Double Adjustable Dampers ?


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    Prices have been updated.
    Attached Images

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    Our Tasmanian team might be interested in these (Australian state). Are they still for sale, and if they are, can you supply the damping rates that they are currently set up for? Do they come with springs, and if so what stiffness?

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    Hello Adman,

    These dampers are still available. Assuming I'm correctly referencing an older invoice, these dampers should have the following valve codes: 2x Dampers with [Comp code 3 / Rebound code 4]. 2x Dampers with [Comp code 1 / Rebound code 2]. Those codes can be related to damping rates here: http://www.kaztechnologies.com/downl...ol-force-data/

    s far as the springs go, I do have extra pairs of 150, 175, and 250 lb/in springs that we could include.


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    Are they still available?

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    These dampers are still available!

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    Please email me at joshkb@bu.edu


    Joshua Byington

    Boston University Racing

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    Hey guys!
    I just wanted it know if the double adjustable dampers are still available?
    Also, if they are still for sale, could I please have a look at them?

    Aditya Kumar
    4ze Racing,
    SRM University, India
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