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Thread: Nose Length

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    Nose Length

    Does anyone know if the nose length applies to this rule? Has anyone asked the rules committee? I feel like I can make arguments for the rules saying it is and aerodynamic device and it just not saying anything about it. I also feel like I've seen cars that are way longer than this but our cars have historically assumed it was. What have other people done?

    T9.1 Aero Dynamics and Ground Effects - General
    All aerodynamic devices must satisfy the following requirements:

    T9.2 Location – Front Mounted Devices

    T9.2.1 In plan view, no part of any aerodynamic device, wing, under tray or splitter can be:
    a. Further forward than 700 mm (27.6 inches) forward of the fronts of the front tires
    b. Wider than the outside of the front tires measured at the height of the hubs. "
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    I believe nosecone is filed under body work because it is subject to the "bodywork forward facing radii" if you follow traditional shapes and methods. Unless your nose looks something like this:

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    As far as I know, the rule is supposed to interpreted the way MCoach described. If your nose has a "standard shape" without a clear intend of generating downforce it is not seen as an aerodynamic device and therefore can be as long as you want (although you would not want it too long for vehicle dynamics reasons ;-) ).

    It is another good example of a lack of precision in the current rules. I'd suggest to send an inquiry to the rules committee. If they drown in a tsunami of questions like this, they might recognize at some point that something has to be done about these issues.
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    Ok, awesome. I'll be sure to send a message to the Rules Committee. So have you guys assumed that historically? Have your past cars made the nose as long as you wanted?

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    Our nose extended more than 700mm past our front tires last year and we had no issues at either of our competitions, but it definitely didn't make us downforce. If you're trying to find a way around the rules by creating a nose that does, I'd be very prepared with a back-up. But hey, Ann Arbor got a way with some nuttiness last year.
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    We asked the rules committee and our assumptions were correct. As long as the nose is no designed to be an airfoil or create down-force it can be as long as we want.

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