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Thread: engine related information inquiry

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    engine related information inquiry

    hi , I'd like to know some information about the honda CRF450R
    1- its stock radiator size
    2- optimum operating temperature range
    3- fuel mass flow rate
    I'd be grateful if someone could help

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    A lot of this can be pulled from online and don't have it in the back of my head, but I can help address one point.
    To get an idea on fuel usage rates, check out the results area of here:


    it won't explicitly tell you which is a single or even a CRF, but I think it's more relevant than the question you're actually asking because it's impossible to answer. The other part that comes into it is which fuel type do you plan to run? 93, 100, E85? E85 will change your flow rate drastically. Take the excel files and resort them to see who used how much fuel over the endurance event. By manipulating the results, can get an idea of where you need to be. Usually singles are grouped near the lower limit of fuel usage and upper are 4 cylinders. If you can dig up the program guides for each event, then you can cross reference that with the results to add your own categories and write down what engine everyone used.
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    And who are you Mohab?

    In every civilized country and every civilized forum, people introduce themselves.

    This is not a super market; its a forum!
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    MCoach , thanks alot for your help

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    Claude Rouelle , you are right , sorry , I was in a hurry
    I'm Mohab Atef , a member of the new team of Cairo University formula student CURT and I'm responsible for the cooling system

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