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Thread: Vertical mounted master cylinder

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    With a vertical bias-bar the total width of this braking system would only be about 30 mm. I can imagine this mounted against the left wall of the cockpit, just under a typical gear-shifter linkage (which takes up similar width). Plenty of room for the footbox template to pass.

    I have in mind an "L-shaped" adjustable pedal tray. This has a lateral RHS at the front to carry the bottom pivots of the two pedals, a longitudinal RHS coming back along the left side of the cockpit floor, and a smallish diagonal brace to triangulate the L. The whole thing can slide fore-aft in some simple rails, and is anchored by a single pin at its left-rear corner, very close to the bottom-left-side of the FRH. The MCs and bias-bar are also mounted near here, so very easy access for anyone, including the driver whilst driving.


    Tokyo Denki at OZ-2013 had its MCs/bias-bar mounted roughly centrally and just rearward of the R&P (from memory). All this, including R&P, was under a "false floor" so the driver could walk over it, but above the bottom chassis rails. IIRC they had a horizontal bias-bar. The pull-rod coming back from the brake pedal ran close to the centreline of the car.

    My guess is that they came to this idea from their quest for the "lightest, most agile" car. Hence shorter chassis, etc., as per my previous post.


    Yes indeed, the Chassis-Guy and Brake-Guy MUST TALK TO EACH OTHER!

    In fact, this is all easiest done in one person's head. So, traditionally a single Chief-Engineer sorted out all these big-picture issues (eg. "Yes! I can make the chassis lighter and stiffer by ... redesigning the brakes!"), while the Minions did the detail design. Later on, the most hard-working and talented Minions would become CEs.


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    Strongly Agree.

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