Another frame designer looking for help to verify that my design is ok. The areas i'm having issues with are the front (T3.20.2 see below) and the seat belt mounts.

FrontR.jpg = Rules.jpg ?

It's close to a "not ok" design, but not sure.

T5.4.1 states " The shoulder harness must be mounted behind the driver... it cannot be mounted to the Main Roll Hoop Bracing" But can it be mounted to the mainhoop?


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The Front Bulkhead must be supported back to the Front Roll Hoop by a minimum of three Frame Members on each side of the vehicle; an upper member; lower member and diagonal brace to provide triangulation.
a. The upper support member must be attached within 50mm (2”) of the top surface of the Front Bulkhead, and attach to the Front Roll Hoop within a zone extending 100mm (4”) above and 50mm (2”) below the Upper Side Impact member. If the upper support member is further than 100mm (4”) above the Upper Side Impact member then properly triangulated bracing is required to transfer load to the attachment of the Upper Side Impact member to the Front Roll Hoop. b. The lower support member must be attached to the base of the Front Bulkhead and the base of the Front Roll Hoop. c. The diagonal brace must properly triangulate the upper and lower support members NOTE: Each of the above members can be multiple or bent tubes provided the requirements of T3.5.5 are met.