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Thread: Looking for Electric Motors

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    Looking for Electric Motors

    Hi everyone !

    Hope you have had a good season! I imagine you have started with your new car design.

    My name is Víctor Angulo and some friends and I are planning to design a 2-motor powertrain with reduction gearbox( it is not for 2015 ).
    Our first step is to find 2 electric motor and it is here where I need your help.
    The characteristics have to be:

    - Peak power: 35-45
    - Nominal power: 20-30
    - Peak Torque: 25-30 Nm
    - Rpm: >10.000
    - Weight: as low as possible XD

    We have some options but I really appreciate if you know some brands or website where we can find what we need.

    Thank you very much for your attention and good luck for this year !

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    Hi trip

    Before we designed the electric motors ourself (2011 car was the first electric car for us with own motors), we had used the Agni 95 R with Kelly controllers. The Agni is a brushed DC motor in axial flux configuration with (forced) air cooling.
    The motors were used with a reduction chain drive.

    Maybe you need to specify further what motors you are looking at. There are so many types of electric motors (induction motor, synchronous motor, switched reluctance, etc.) and I would say that not all are suitable for FSAE cars.
    A good start for you would probably be to look in the handbooks of the previous competitions. Usually you find there plenty information of the car specs (also what motors they used).

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    I would be very surprised if you could make the Astroflight live through an entire Endurance without significant modification. I personally tested the precursor to that motor (one of two in the world at that point), which was a slightly shorter and smaller diameter stack, on our 2011 Formula Hybrid car. We gave it 120V and 400A(phase) and it worked perfectly for our purposes for awhile, but would be sizzling hot after only one 75m accel run. Our intention for it was literally to only get us a reasonable score in Electric-Only Acceleration, then to backup the engine if we ran out of fuel in Endurance. We didn't care if it would only last six laps as we only needed it to go three. The motor actually ended up dying right before competition due to issues not relating to the motor itself, but I still have the pieces...And they still smell horrible. I don't know what kind of epoxy they use, but man does it stink when it burns! Anyway, if the 4535 is wound similarly to the prototype I had, then it is designed to be driven by brushless DC(trapezoidal) controllers, so keep that in mind, too.

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    Hey Trip,

    For our Hybrid car we used the Agni 95 (two of them) linked with a Kelly controllers and another controller to link everything (Electric and ICE) together. We have all our old packs and Motors that we are deciding what to do with. Probably sell off so if you looking for something give me a PM. I would say if you are building a PURE electric vehicle you are going to have to look into your power usage and specifications heavily.

    They worked well for our Hybrid car tied into the ICE engine we had. Under load by themselves were decent with the single ratio reduction we choose but there was a lot to be desired.

    Is this for Formula Student or just a personal project?
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