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Thread: Manual Shifter Mechanism (Mechanical)

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    Manual Shifter Mechanism (Mechanical)

    I have couple options but right side mount would be great.
    Moved away from pneumatic. Don't want to mess with electrical.

    If you have one integrated with a steering wheel I can consider that too.
    I only have about 1" on the steering column so that may work but I'd need dimensions to confirm.
    I will use a push-pull cable and it will go on 08 cbr600rr engine.


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    I really doubt that you could find something to fit without any modifications; why don't build your own then? Seems dead simple..

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    Dont have the equipment to make my own at this moment.
    Another example:

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    You are not going to make many friends here with comments like that.

    This forum is primarily used for the open discussion of design and fabrication methods used to build student level project race cars. It is not a racing forum geared to supply parts, which of course has good and bad aspects.

    Something like what you posted photos of can easily be made from parts and hand tools available at most hardware stores, it's a matter of working with what skills and facilities you have available.

    Is this for a project car you're working on? Kart / buggy / rail / quad / midget / sprint, what? More info on what exactly you need? Space constraint? Other details that are pertinent?

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    I found one, Nice Saab.
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