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Thread: Looking for video footage of the 1998 competition, FSAE Michigan or Formula Student

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    Looking for video footage of the 1998 competition, FSAE Michigan or Formula Student

    I'm looking for video footage of the 1998 competition. Particularly, I want footage of UTA's 98 car. UTA's 98 car was one of four Formula SAE cars that used a 4 cylinder 250cc engine (19,500 rpm redline). The sound of these engines brings a smile to my face. Unfortunately, the 98 car was savagely molested by a senior design project and has not tuned a lap in anger for ten years. I would greatly appreciate any one who can provide video footage that might include UTA's 98 car.

    John Burford


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    I showed up a little early to Texas Autocross Weekend a few years ago and they were doing some engine tuning on the '06 car. I had spent the prior week tuning the lawnmower-sounding 250 single on our hybrid car to around 12k and they were tuning from 13-19k or something absurd like that. It sounded glorious!

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    When you watch that video (England MIRA 1998), watch when the sun makes the tachometer needle visible. When the needle is vertical that is 15,000 rpm.

    John B

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    It indeed sounds glorious! It happens to have a 250cc I4 Kawasaki motor laying around here...

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    If the rumoured power limit for 4WD electric cars comes through in 2015, I will try to talk the new team into building something like this.
    DUT Racing Team (Delft) 2008-2010

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