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Thread: 2014 FSCZech

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    2014 FSCZech

    I know it is not an official competiton (and that the entry ist is fairly limited), but the FSCzech competition kicked off today. We (UoP Racing) are here, preparing for the scrutineering tomorrow. WiFi at the track might or might not be available, but we will try to keep you posted as much as possible!

    P.S.: I just saw that TU Wien dropped out, really a shame as their car seemed great...

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    Day 1 is over, for us it meant passed e- and mech- scrutineering. Competition seems really nice so far, the location is excellent (and pretty unusual), camping seems organized, showers and toliets are extremely clean, and everybody is really cheerful. Even the WiFi coverage is OK! All and all, for a second-year non-official competition, it seems great! More to follow!

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    Thanks Harry! Any pictures would be most appreciated.
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    Good luck Harry!

    We went there last year but chose to go to Spain this year. Its a really nice event and well organised. I liked it beter then Austria..
    We were third electric in Czech, so you guys should score high

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    I hear there is also a pool. Do we know if they are looking to become official in future?
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    Is a pool a requirement to become an official competition? I never understood what the point or the requirement is to become an official competition.


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    There is indeed a pool and although it might not be a requirement, it is nice! Actually the whole event is really nice and well-run till now. The track is beautiful and quite unusual ant the AutoX leyout was really really fun! Unfortunately did mot have much time for pictures and the WiFi coverage is bad, you can find some on our teams' fb page, but they are mostly regarding our updates. The combustion category has some really nice cars and strong teams. CTU was absolutely stunning this morning dominating Acceleratin (3.8 sth.) and skidpad (5sec), while AutoX fatsest laptime was set by TU Graz I think.

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    Sorry for the lack of updates but it has been busy and the WiFi was not that strong. For those that requested pictures, there are a few on the FSCZech facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FormulaStudentCzechRepublic
    We will also upload a bunch of them in the next few days. Our overall impression from the competition was great, the track was one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen in an FSAE event (disclaimer; haven't been on Austria yet) and the organizers really did a great job! Also the existence of a timing display and the excellent commentary on all dymanics event were more than welcome! On the positives I should also include cheap and good food on site and of course the pool, volleyball and basketball courts! Minor things to be improved do exist, but lets not forget it is only their second year! For teams close by, you should definitely try it next year!

    On the results, TU Graz won by dominating Endurance and AutoX and also winning design, following by CTU (impressive car guys) and Erlangen. Akron had a bad moment when an undertray mount failed leaving it to touch the ground a couple of laps before finishing endurance; bad luck because their car was impressively quick. I was also impressed by the CULS car (supercharged 4cyl spaceframe with aero). Also the Mannheim e-car did a great job; first ever e-car of the team and they managed to compete every single dynamic event and finish endurance! Oh, did I mention that we won the e-class?

    Keep an eye of the FSCzech page, they showed some impressive videos on the awards ceremony and I am sure they have more to come!

    EDIT: Short video http://vimeo.com/user31044213
    More photos on http://20102011.rajce.idnes.cz/Formula_Student_Czech_Republik/

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