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Thread: Bottle with CO2

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    Lightbulb Bottle with CO2

    Dear competitors,

    I am AGH Racing member from Krakow. Do anybody know, if shifting bottle located near our engine could provide risk and we will be not allowed to compete, pictures below:


    Kind Regards,
    Patryk Bindacz

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    If that bottle was filled with CO2, then I imagine your main concern/question would be rule T10.1(d) protection from rotating equipment failure (right next to diff and/or chain). However, since the bottle is apparently filled with radioactive "pure energy," I'm sure it's fine.

    Any time you are in doubt, it is best to formally ask the rules committee.
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    Dear Rex,

    Thank you for your response, We checked in the FSAE Rules rule 10.1 tonight and we guess everything will be ok at the competition.

    Kind Regards,
    Patryk Bindacz

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    I foresee bigger problems in your future...

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    I would be more concerned with the lack of any scattershield on the chain than the placement of the bottle, the bottle will get you through scrutineering the lack of scattershield not. We ran with the bottle quite close to the engine. The disadvantage is that the pressure fluctuates as the engine heats up which could result in less (or not at all) predictable pressure from the regulators. This is mostly the case if the lines running from the pressure regulator are near the engine.
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    The location of the lines is not the problem. Overheating of the regulator itself can be (we used a wet towel and duct tape to keep it cool during endurance at FSG 2010 ), but as long as it is out in open air I wouldn't be too worried about it. If you do run into shifting problems, you know where to look first though.

    Make sure the bottle and regulator cannot be damaged in case of chain failure (proper scattershield should be enough I think, but I'm not a scrutineer) and also make sure that it has good (stiff) mounting to frame or engine.
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