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Thread: Yamaha WR450f Engine CAD Model

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    Yamaha WR450f Engine CAD Model

    Looking for a Yamaha WR450f CAD model (or dimensioned diagram of the engine--i.e. exterior dimensions, locations of mounting points, etc.)


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    as with anything, use that at your own risk. as a former team member of the creator of that model, we used it for our full car model for many years which worked quite well, but the exhaust and engine mounts were cut and welded with a real engine jigged in place. if i remember right, it's a cleaned up scan.

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    I forgot to mention that our team's Engine leader has had trouble finding WR450f's at local dealerships/speedshops and every CAD-sharing site he came across asked for payment or an approved contributional CAD model of our own...

    I just need this model for over all dimensions. The numbers Engine Dept. gave me were a bit too conservative lol...

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