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Thread: WTB: Old/used ECU

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    ECU purchased - delete

    Looking to purchase an older/used ECU for the 2011 car. Car was originally used a MoTec M400, but since it is only used for training now an older ECU will work just fine.Traction control and Launch control capability is not necessarily mandatory. Must be capable of running a 4 cylinder 600cc engine. Please email me with information regarding any ECU's your team is interested in selling.

    Thanks - Ed

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    How about a Megasquirt?
    Jay Swift
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    Yea, Megasquirt is an option. I haven't looked too far into using one. What is your experience with one? I know it is pretty hands on, which can be great for learning so maybe that isn't a bad option.

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    I've used them in my personal life converting BMW 2002s from carbs to EFI. The version 3 stuff is solid enough to run a street motor no problem, and I am sure you can get them to work on a bike engine (equivalent to race motors in cars). Its super cheap for what it does, you'll just have to read the wiki front to back ~10 times. I think they are about $300 right now.
    Jay Swift
    Combustion Powertrain
    Global Formula Racing 2013-2014

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    Ed, I have a used DTA S60 Pro if you are interested. I will send you an email with the details shortly.

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    Sent you an email about a PE3 spare with harness that we have.
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