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Thread: 2014 fsuk

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    2014 fsuk

    With the FSUK competition around the corner, let's kick off the official thread. We (UoP Racing) will be there, returning after 6 years to Silverstone. Depending on wifi coverage we will try to tweet as much as possible, so I suggest to follow us! Any other sources of live feed out there?

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    Also, please some links to FaceSpace sites, etc., with lots of photos? (I didn't see any of the Lincoln comp. )


    (PS. Photos of the car's, ahem, private parts always turn me on. You know, ... without their clothes on... )
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    Will be there on Saturday and maybe Sunday with my camera, so will strive to take what photos of private parts that I can.
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    The IMechE are making updates through various social media, check out;

    Twitter: @FormulaStudent
    The current hashtags are #formulastudent and #fsuk

    If any teams require any Loctite products, please visit the University of Hertfordshire team and we have a range of adhesives etc. you are welcome to thanks to our partners at Henkel.

    Dr Howard Ash
    University of Hertfordshire

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    Lots of teams (and @fsuklive) use the #fs2014 tag.
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    Sorry Z, I think us forum junkies are dinosaurs now. It is all twitter and facebook, and probably something else that I haven't heard about. (Our guys are putting some posts up at https://www.facebook.com/ECU.Motorsport). I am getting my info every now and then by phone, which these days seems only one step ahead of the pony express or carrier pigeons.

    Our guys (Edith Cowan University) are through tech with an official weight of 186.5kg, and doing it tough on their first international comp. Not a lot of sleep, with a few unexpected surprises pre-comp. I wasn't aware that the comp was doing COG height measurements which is really cool. I was told ours came in at 180mm, which is a shade lower what they measured at home base.

    Would love to see these numbers for other competitors.

    On the plus side the guys were stoked at the quality of the design judging. They had a feedback session immediately after their assessment. In general from what I have heard the feedback from all the officials (and the advice offered) has been top notch and very welcome. We weren't entirely sure that the UK was the right comp for our first international attempt, but it is looking like a great choice.

    Also from back here in Perth a big thanks to Hertfordshire for hosting us. Our guys felt very welcome and looked after.

    On a side note ... Howard were you at Australia 2001 with Leeds? I think I may have competed against you (my first comp) and our 2001 car had a set of Leeds springs (which we had swapped for) for its long life of testing and driver training.


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    For everyone interested and still on the Forum I'll post info collected from the Delft guys on our 'private' fb feed + others.

    Weights + scrutineering collected from now on:
    Delft 154.5 Kg + Safety + Tech minus egress
    Surrey 209.5 Kg + Safety + tech
    TU Munchen 164 Kg + Safety + Tech + Chassis
    Oxford Brookes 164.5 KG + SC done
    U. Stuttart Comb. 187 Kg + SC done
    Hertfordshire 195 Kg
    Lund 146.5 Kg + SC Done
    Zurich 170.0 Kg + SC Done minus raintest
    Karlsruhe comb. 200 Kg. Noise + Chassis + tech + safety + tilt
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    I guess I have to stick up for my guys
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fyhr View Post
    I guess I have to stick up for my guys
    I only copied what FSUK said (which is the worst excuse possible ) Haven't seen a post/tweet/fb drop by yet but that might be my wrong doing.

    I also heard the rain test would open half an hour early. Possibly because the energy meters weren't available on time...
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    Delft '09 Team member, '10 - Chief Electronics
    'now' (Hardware) Security Engineer

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    Yeah, Tristan, I heard the same thing. Zurich got their energy meter at noon and it had a problem with the power supply.
    Rain test will start at 8 am.

    Impressive light weight car of Lund! Other cars seem to be heavier than expected (Delft + 5kg, Karlsruhe +8kg, Zurich +2-3kg, Zwickau +9kg).
    Strange feeling not to be at Silverstone for the first time since 2009. Hopefully an interessting competition in the next two days...
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