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Thread: AP Racing Calipers for Sale (CP4227-2S0 / CP4226-2S0)

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    AP Racing Calipers for Sale (CP4227-2S0 / CP4226-2S0)

    Due to some cannibalization, the calipers previously belonging to our 13' car are in need of a new home. I'm available to answer any questions or discuss selling arrangements.

    For reference----
    Front Calipers: http://www.apracing.com/product_deta...p4227-2s0.aspx
    Rear Calipers: http://www.apracing.com/product_deta...p4226-2s0.aspx

    -Ben Kroon
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    pm'd you
    (word count)

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    Still for sale? Very interested.

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    Hello Josh,

    These are still available, feel free to private message me or email me at benjamin.kroon@mines.sdsmt.edu with any questions.

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    I sent you an email, maybe it went to spam

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