Time is running out to register for our Data Driven Performance Engineering Seminar in Lincoln, NE, June 22-25.

Success in racing requires more than experience and vehicle dynamics knowledge. Engineers must be able to efficiently process large amounts of information coming from a wide range of sources to support decision making. Consistently making the right decisions in short timeframes is what separates successful teams from the rest. This seminar will cover the essential tools and methods that are required to process the data that will help you to constantly improve the performance of a race car. To register, go to www.optimumg.com/seminars/lincoln-2014/.

What can you expect?
Measure: Collection of accurate and meaningful data is a requirement for data-driven engineering. In addition to reviewing different data sources, we will also examine how that data can be used to improve understanding and performance.

Model: Once data has been collected, mathematical models of the car and its subsystem can be built and used to investigate the effect different car parameters have on performance. The creation and exploitation of models of different complexity will be reviewed.

Predict: Utilizing models, the performance of a car and its subsystems can be predicted and optimized. Methods for organizing such studies and automatically identifying performance critical parameters are reviewed.

Pricing information (per student):
Before May 30
Group of 3 or more: $446.25 Individual Price: $505.75

After May 30
Group of 3 or more: $505.75 Individual Price: $595.00

For more information about pricing or registration, please contact Susanne Chastain at susanne.chastain@optimumg.com. Spots are limited, so register today!