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Thread: 2014 FSAE Michigan

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    I've been looking for it too.. best thing I've been able to find is this:


    I'm not sure it's working though
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    The Autocross results are displaying on the Acceleration section.


    Well now they"fixed" it so now no autocross updates.

    Now it is running in the autocross section linked in the above post.
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    where do i go to see the overall result?

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    Alright! Competition has passed, so let's get this discussion rolling.

    Who's got the scoop on ETS and their switch to the SA 250? Their story should be fairly public since they were the winning design finalist. Any word on how they plan to overcome a ~50 pt drop in accel score from the engine change alone?
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    This forum has been quite dead during comp this year. Normally there would be 7 or 8 pages by Saturday night.

    The results are posted on sae.org under news
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    i wonder if everybody is posting all the update on fb or twitter. im not twitter savvy so not sure how i can go read any update.

    i've lost touch with fsae for a couple of years now, so i decided to go to the competition this year in michigan. I was totally impressed with what i saw and the level of details these teams came up with. And i saw a lot of participation from the industry. Very impressive, much different than what i remember from my last entry in 2002. But i do feel the atmosphere back then was more personal and more graasroot.

    anyways, good job to all the participants!

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    Well done GFR, going by the results it looks like it was well contested, but the GFR car had the edge in most events.

    I am interested to hear whether there is a gap building between Europe and the US when it comes to the approach to the competition. Of the design finalists only one was a non north-American team (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology). Out of the top 4 of the competition there were 3 non-American teams that didn't make design finals.

    For those that are competing is this a case of those teams just not presenting well in design, or do you believe the US judges are looking for something different to those in Europe?


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    I had a long phone discussion with Steve Fox this morning about this exact subject (amongst other things).
    Let me just say, I prefer how it happens in Germany :-)

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    Kevin, I think there are several factors, why Design and Overall ended this way.

    - European teams travel with much smaller teams overseas, compared to the European events. Often, at least one major part of the car seems to be not "covered" by the responsible guy. Should reduce Design Score. NA teams don't have that issue.
    - The 2013 season of european cars was not that good in Design. In Germany, Karlsruhe won (very good in Michigan too), but Hamburg and Graz placed 8th, Stuttgart 13th, Munich 17th. NA teams (Akron, McGill, ETS placed 2nd-4th).
    - There is probably a little "home field advantage": GFR won Design in 2012 at Michigan and got "killed" in Europe (according to Dr. Paasch with the same Design team): 17th in Germany (95points), 21st in Austria (90 points). I don't know if this is due to "home field" or due to "US judges want to see something different". Maybe a bit of both.
    - The better overall result compared to Design is probably due to the fact that the European cars are approx. 1 year old, are tested really good and a lot of stuff has already broken. So the finishing rate is normally better compared to NA cars.
    - The European teams that travel overseas are normally the "big teams" with 4cyl (or 2cyl turbo..), CFRP monocoque, wings and all crazy features. If the US judges don't like that, than all are "screwed" a bit. Maybe a different "style" of European team would have scored differently.

    Let's see what the Us-experienced teams are going to say about this...

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