Hi All,

I am not a recruiter, nor am I HR. I am the Calibration Engineer that is leaving this great company because life brings me elsewhere.
An experienced engineer is desired, but I think an recent grad but with a good amount of experience as a calibrator with an FSAE background can pick it up and hang.

Here is the company's website: http://www.cleanairpower.com/

If you think you'd be interested in working here, please contact me via email ncarlson@cleanairpower.com and/or LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/pub/j-nikola...on/11/4b0/1b0/
It is a small company, so you would have plenty of technical challenges. These are diesel trucks running with dual fuel technology (natural gas with diesel pilot ignition).

*Please note my email address will not work after 5/8/14 so if you are reading this after that date, please contact me through linked in and I will pass you on to my current manager*

Thank you!