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Thread: Problem: Camber Angle, Adams 2013

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    Exclamation Problem: Camber Angle, Adams 2013

    I am using fsae 2012 database in MSC Adams 2013.

    I cant access:
    Modelling a FSAE Suspension in MSC Adams

    Its because my university cant get its license installed due to some reasons. I am using the "Commercial License" from the company I am doing my internship in.
    (Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.)

    Just getting training in the software as side project and using previous fsae suspension so that I can show my report to college. (not linked with company "secrets")

    I have successfully added database and edited the hard points according to my need. I am using front suspension assembly.

    1. I don't know what does hard point "hps_camber_adj_orient" represents! I even asked my Mentor but he cant understand too!
    2. Might be linked with above,I put some value, say -50 (random) in "pvl_camber_adjust" or "pvl_toe_adjust" in "Parameter Variable Mod. Table"
    After clicking on "Apply" or "OK" it should clearly show the extraordinary camber in viewport. But there is no change.
    Then I checked the angle in "Postprocess" window after running "Parallel Wheel Travel" simulation, but it showed default camber angles.

    I am unable to find where I am missing! I have searched on internet for any similar issue but in vain.

    Also is it possible for me to get that training material "Modelling a FSAE Suspension in MSC Adams" without registering ? I have downloaded the student version only to find there is no Adam/Car in it
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    Team Fateh
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    Hi Ashir,

    Can't help you with the camber problem but had the same issues in regards of software accessibility. I contacted their support and they said that they do not include Adams/car in the student version anymore, not even for FSAE students (even though their website states otherwise http://www.mscsoftware.com/page/formula-student).

    I will be following this topic though, hope you find a solution.

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    My knowledge of this FSAE template for Adams is limited, but I suspect that this camber_adj_orient hardpoint is an artificial point that alignes the wheel bearing. You have the discrete x,y,z location of the wheel bearing (or wheel center) and this point is inwards of that. Usually its x,y,z locations are not put in as discrete values but instead with formulas that calculate the location with the values from the camber and toe adjust table.

    In the pic I posted, P16 is the wheel bearing and P11 is the point you were talking about. This pic is from Altair MotionView, similar to Adams.
    There are three values stored in a table: sv_offset (which is the distance of P16 to P11), sv_toe and sv_camber, and the x,y,z values of P11 are as follows:

    (p_16.l.x+(sv_offset.value.lin*(sin(dtor(90- sv_camber.value.lin)))*(cos(dtor(90-sv_toe.value.lin))))),
    (p_16.l.y+(sv_offset.value.lin*(sin(dtor(90- sv_camber.value.lin)))*(sin(dtor(90+sv_toe.value.l in))))),
    (p_16.l.z+(sv_offset.value.lin*(cos(dtor(90-sv_camber.value.lin))))) )

    This is in templex code, I'm sure there is something similar in Adams as well...

    You need to find out if the values need to be put in in radians or degrees, MotionView uses Radians, so I have this DTOR (degrees to radians) expression in the code.
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