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Thread: bushings and bearings

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    bushings and bearings

    i need suggestions regarding tht wt is better to use whether bushings will be okay or bearing in rack and pinion assembly??

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    Magnets. Use magnets. No friction.
    Billy Wight
    University of California, San Diego - Formula SAE 2004-2006

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    i dint get u wt magnet u r telling about?? can u plz elaborate

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    and if u r recomending about magnetic bearing i must tell u that tht type of bearing is used for high speed rotation

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    First, who are you? What school are you from? What competition are you aiming to attend?

    Second, you've posted this in the Competition section, which is not where this type of question should go.

    Third, why are you asking? What analysis have you done to give us something to start with? What is your gut feeling and why do you feel that?

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    I second what Billy said. Just make sure your rack is always rotating at high speeds.

    UoW FSAE '07-'09

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    Posting in English would help too!

    Pat Clarke
    The trick is... There is no trick

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    Should you have any trouble sourcing magnetic bearings, might I suggest air bearings?
    Not only is air very easy to come by, it's extremely light!

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