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Thread: 2014 Formula SAE/Formula Student Collaborative Spotify Playlist!

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    2014 Formula SAE/Formula Student Collaborative Spotify Playlist!

    Hello all!

    Considering how FSAEM is only 4 weeks away I can imagine most of us are spending most of our time in the shop. Why not start a playlist on spotify that every formula team can add music to? I have created a spotify playlist labeled "Formula SAE 2014" and if you can find it (URL: http://open.spotify.com/user/1251124...yqXjvbRJo45wwE) you can add to it your team's favorite shop music, and maybe this can turn into some sort of cool potpourri of FSAE/FS music from around the world.

    A collaborative playlist means everyone can add and delete songs. I do not want to moderate the playlist, so I ask all who participate to not abuse the playlist, but all music is welcome. Check to make sure what you want to add is not already in the playlist, and DO NOT go around deleting songs because they do not fit your taste.

    I hope this is a fun experience for everyone, at the end of the season I'll remove the ability to edit and open a new playlist for the 2015 season.

    Nicholas Kuhajda
    Engine Team Leader
    Illini Motorsports

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    Awesome idea Nicholas!

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    Kettering has this playlist blasting in our truck on the way to Lincoln!
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