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Thread: Sponsor Logos Help

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    Sponsor Logos Help

    Hi everyone,

    How do you guys approach putting sponsor logos on the car? Are they Vinyls?, Stickers etc? Do you ask your sponsors for them or do you make them yourselves. This is our first year at competition so we've never dealt with this kind of matter before.


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    We used sponsor supplied stickers in my first season in my team, 2007/2008. The judges in the style event which was part of FSG back then really didn't like it. Some time after that, we bought a vinyl cutting plotter, which we used ever since to make our own stickers.
    Car in 2008 with sponsor supplied stickers, all different colors:

    Car in 2010 with selfmade vinyls:

    By the way, you have to use aero... More place for stickers Car in 2013:
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    We have painted our bodywork earlier years, and multicolored logos though supplied by one of our sponsors so that they are made at the same place. It's not that easy to collect all the logos (especially when you want .eps for scaleability), but it does definately look a bit more professional when the stickers age in the same manner for all logos. For this year we are trying to get full vinyl wrap in order to ease finishing work (paint work takes Time!), and including logos into those vinyls. During the events we talked to some different teams, and the fact that the only time the car is stationary when wrapping is the actual time you are spending applying the vinyl is a big plus for us.

    Just to show how our cars have looked like to this date:

    2013 (easy color scheme due to body break lines, but white and raw carbon needs care in the preparations work to make it look nice):

    2012 (a little bit darker, but the two-tone [three-tone i you include carbon] took some time to mask):
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