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Thread: OptimumG 2014 Seminars

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    OptimumG 2014 Seminars

    The 2014 OptimumG seminar calendar is now posted at https://optimumg-seminars.herokuapp.com/

    Our Applied Vehicle Dynamics seminar will be held in the United States, Russia, Canada, Austria, China, Brazil, Germany, France, England, and Australia. Our Data Driven Performance Engineering seminar will be held in the United States and Germany. We are also trying to organize an Applied Vehicle Dynamics seminar in Japan and an advanced workshop (10 intensive days) in India.

    The first two seminars of the year are specifically designed for FSAE/FS engineering students in the United States. The dates and locations for these seminars are May 18-21, Michigan State University, Lansing, MI and June 22-25, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE.

    Up until last year, the Applied Vehicle Dynamics seminar was three (intensive) days in length, running from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. or longer each day. Most of the feedback we received stated that the seminar was “excellent and extremely useful, but too much information per day,” so we decided to make it four days in length, so that we can include new—and more—information, but still finish at a reasonable time of 6:00 or 6:30 p.m.

    The seminar in Michigan will be about vehicle dynamic theory, while the seminar in Nebraska will be about practical exercise related to concept, design, simulation, testing, and data analysis.

    The price of each seminar is approximately $2,000.00 US for professionals. However, students receive a significant discount. In addition, we offer an even greater discount for “early bird” registration, groups of three or more, and for attendance at a combination of the two seminars.

    For more information about pricing or registration, please contact Susanne Chastain at susanne.chastain@optimumg.com

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    The OptimumG seminar binders just came back from the printer and will be Fedex'd tonight. 887 pages; the participants will get lot for their money !

    29 slides on engineering "philosophy," 66 on vehicle dynamics fundamentals, 172 on tires, 32 on aerodynamics basics, 101 on kinematics and compliances, 38 on steady state behavior, 148 on steady state weight transfer (with one specific new concept), 56 on balance, grip, control and stability, 145 on damping. And 2 news topics -- 15 slides on transient tire models and 83 on handling maps and transient car behavior.

    Plus several videos and stories of 36 years of racing career illustrating the theories with many mistakes I made and I don't want students to make and a few good success that I wish you will have too. And of course many jokes

    The seminar will occur at Michigan State University in East Lansing on May 18-21. We still have 7 seats available.

    This "Applied Vehicle Dynamics to Race Car Design and Development" will be followed by another 4 day "Data Driven" seminar in Lincoln, NE on June 22-25 and will focus on Brakes, Differential and on Simulation, Data Acquisition with several group exercises on car concept, lap time simulation, kinematics design, tire modeling and tire models exploitation during the car concept phase and during the on-track engineering work, weight transfer calculations, damper choice and tuning, test preparation, organization and debrief, car setup, data acquisition hardware choice and data analysis with KPI (Key Performance Indicators), on track aerodynamic measurements and tuning and much more.... These exercises will be conducted by OptimumG employees and me. The participants will have to bring their laptop. If you want more information, please contact susanne.chastain@optimumg.com.

    See you in just a few days in Michigan!
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