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Thread: UTAS build thread

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    I am seeing a fair few comments here, some a bit silly, most on a tangent.

    Just to make it clear, I am not the team leader of UTAS FSAE, and since team leaders are not commenting here we probably shouldn't be talking about the philosophy of the UTAS FSAE team. You are informed that UTAS plan to build a car and enter FSAEA at Calder Park. Some of you, Z, feel that we have failed already, just by deciding to do that. But we probably shouldn't be talking like that.

    If I continue to use this space, it will be about stuff I am doing myself for the team (the welding) and making some little parts. I may put up my own CAD designs, which maybe used by the team, or I may just keep them for my own use.

    The discussion will be about designing a low volume formula/sports car for manufacture, (or the small parts of it). When we say low volume we mean about 50-2500 units. I want to bring the focus back to rule A1.2.3 Aesthetics and manufacturablility.
    University of Tasmania (UTAS)

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    Would you be able to share any details about your experience with the G450X thus far? This article, http://www.atzonline.com/Article/100...ts-Enduro.html, shows some really cool features. Realizing that it has been "homologated" for emissions and that it has clutch inertia coupled to the crankshaft, it may not exhibit some of the "high-strung" characteristics that discourage some teams from choosing 450-class singles. Also notable are huge titanium 40/33 mm in/ex valves and the relatively vertical intake tract. The article also shows what an appropriate inlet tract length looks like for the stock 7500 rpm torque peak.
    Matt Birt
    Engine Calibration and Performance Engineer, Enovation Controls
    Former Powertrain Lead, Kettering University CSC/FSAE team
    1st place Fuel Efficiency 2013 FSAE, FSAE West, Formula North
    1st place overall 2014 Clean Snowmobile Challenge

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    Thanks for the article, it's of some help. We currently have the engine running on the bench with standard ECU, throttle body and intake.
    University of Tasmania (UTAS)

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    Looks different indeed...might package well if running "reversed", i.e. the front to back, with some sort of geared final drive (to reverse rotation) on the side of the engine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonny Rochester View Post
    Some of you, Z, feel that we have failed already...

    No. YOU told us that YOU AIM TO FAIL.

    Posted by Jonny, back on page 9:
    It is unrealistic to expect to win in our first year.
    Next year will be the same, "Oh, we're only an inexperienced second year team, so we can't expect to win...".

    In ten years time it will be, "Oh, but, we're only a small team from this tiny little island, and we've never done well yet, so we can't win..."

    Meanwhile, Bob's sister is sitting in the corner like a wall-flower, surrounded by chocolate cakes she DOES NOT LIKE. She waits, reluctantly, until the end of the night when that young Monash boy takes her home, because he's the only one who ever bothers talking to her.

    Well, maybe next year young Auckland will win her heart, because he at least does try to catch her eye. But so far he always manages, half-way through the night, to fall flat on his face! (Ahhh, over-exuberant young love... )

    But what a missed opportunity for the other 20 odd young suitors at Bob's annual FSAE soiree. All of them in the kitchen, comparing cake recipes, and deciding how many extra layers of icing they should add next year...

    In case the above is too cryptic, Bob's sister;

    Is NOT impressed by how fancy your push/pull-rods&rockers are. Nor with most of the other junk on your car.

    She DOES LIKE a simple, compact, low CG, low Yaw-inertia body. And good "aero".

    (She was an Olympic gymnast, you know...)


    (PS: And in case still too cryptic, "Scoring with Bob's sister" = "Scoring high points at FSAE comp".)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Z View Post

    Man went to the Moon in rocketships designed with NO CAD at all.

    Nowadays, large teams of student engineers spend a whole year designing a tiny little car in CAD, then at the end of the year half of said cars CANNOT drive 30 kilometres.

    By and large, the CAD, CAE, FEA, CFD, etc., experiments have proved to be an utter failure.

    (Example: Compare pre-CAD Lockheed SR-71 and MiG-25, with post-CAD F35-JSF.)


    Careful Z, you're starting to flirt with the opposite side of the line that is currently plaguing the officials and judges - is the point to win the competition (no CAD) or become a better engineer (all the CAD)?

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    So a fair bit has happened. We have built a new chassis with higher roll hoop and different front roll hoop. But still some fairly large details need to be sorted.

    I want to talk about the impact atenuator. None of us have done too much about it, we want to use the standard design without any testing. I have a few questions about where to buy the right sort of foam, and how it attaches to the anti-intrusion plate. And if the 1.5mm plate is welded to the chassis (stitch welded or fully welded?) will the M8 bolts still be needed? Obviously I could have researched all this better myself, but I can't do everything. Feel free to flame away...

    We will have a carbon nose cone that attaches at the bulkhead somehow.
    University of Tasmania (UTAS)

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    Coastal Automotive in Rochester Hills, Michigan sells the Dow Impaxx foam for the standardized impact attenuator. Use the US dialing code for your region / telecom service provider then it's 248-841-4001.

    If you haven't started building the carbon nose cone, DON'T. You'll have as many man-hours in the nosecone as the frame. It's a similar fabrication effort to building a composite front-end tub over a mold. Sew one out of heavy polyester cloth; include either a zipper or some eyes for shoelaces to hold it on. Cover as much of your frame as you think you won't need access to with fixed Dacron aircraft cloth.
    Charles Kaneb
    Magna International
    FSAE Lincoln Design Judge - Frame/Body/Link judging area. Not a professional vehicle dynamicist.

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    Looks like your AIP is coated.

    Be sure to polish all that off before welding!

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    Also, on the CF nosecone - I disagree with Charles on this one. This year we did a good lookin', and functional, CF nosecone in a couple days with limited resources. Foam, wet layup. A little bit of wet sanding and then some clearcoat.


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