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Thread: Body design

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    Smile Body design

    Hello everyone,

    My first question is: What are requirements for front bodywork, mainly I would like to know about sticking out the bodywork ahead of front wheels. Would it be able to make the bodywork which sticks out 762 mm ?

    and second: Can I threat bodywork like aerodynamic's element?

    Have a nice day.

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    Two little rules.

    1. Introduce yourself, and
    2. Read the FSAE rules

    Pat Clarke
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    Pat, you are not being helpful.

    Patryk, Yes you can have the bodywork stick out past the wheels, and most cars have this. Many cars have the wheelbase close to the minimum, which means the leg part of the drivers cell sticks forward of the front wheels. (In real Formula racing the drivers feet can not be forward of the wheels centerline). One main requirement is that parts of the front bodywork not have a radius smaller than 1.5".
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    If you define part of your bodywork as a wing, you are allowed a much smaller radius on all forward facing parts (maybe 3mm or 5mm, unsure, look up in rules). If the part is defined as part of the body, forward facing surfaces must have a radius of 1.5" or greater.
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    There are very few "definitions" in the FSAE Rulebook. Certainly, last time I looked, nothing that distinguishes "bodywork" from "wings". This is something that could/should be fixed via changes to the Rules, but this issue was brought up a long time ago, and nothing done yet...

    On the other hand, Pat likes to make up rules as he goes (see above).


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    Thank You All!

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