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Thread: Shafts for TORSEN University Special Differential

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    Shafts for TORSEN University Special Differential

    Hello guys, my name is Paulo and I am from Brazil.
    For this year, we'll change our open differential for a "TORSEN university special" (http://www.torsen.com/files/Universi...l%20012000.pdf) and we have a little problem...
    We want to use tulip style stub, but we haven't found a shaft which fits in it. Can anyone of you suggest any shafts suitable for us?
    Thanks for the attention!

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    Talk to Scott at Taylor Race ( http://www.taylor-race.com/part.cfm?...0Axles&popup=1) . They can hook you up and their stuff integrates pretty easily. Plus shipping is super fast and they tend to have awesome customer support

    Another option is buying the ready made splines from http://www.paradigmmotorsports.com/torsensplines.html and thenmachining the tulips yourself then heat treating them.

    Depends on your budget/sponsors

    Have a nice one
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    These guys have what you need. Gundrilled shafts with integrated tripod housings.
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