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Thread: FSAE-EV & Formula Hybrid Workshop

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    FSAE-EV & Formula Hybrid Workshop

    This is a "heads up" for FSAE-EV and FH teams.

    On the afternoon of Saturday, March 29th, the SAE Detroit Section is going to have a 1/2 day workshop at the University of Michigan-Dearborn especially for FSAE-EV and Formula Hybrid teams.

    The two main speakers will be Danny Bocci and Dennis Brown, both lead electrical tech inspectors at Formula Hybrid. The agenda will cover Rules Changes, Best Practices and Getting through Technical Inspection, the last one seems to be the biggest problem for teams.

    Things will start at noon, so teams within driving distance can get there and then make it home in the one day without having to stay overnight somewhere. According to our information, there are 12 FSAE-EV and FH teams within a 4 hour drive, and 15 teams within a 5 hour drive.

    The official notices will be going out to the team leaders and Faculty Advisors in the next few days, but I will update things here on the Forum. This is a trial event, so there will be no Webex coverage.

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    An update.

    More details and registration information is available on the SAE Detroit Section web site at:

    Teams are encouraged to bring their cars, even if they are not complete, so that we can give them tips on what needs to be done to get through the technical inspections.

    To date, we have 3 cars that are expected to be there, those from U of Michigan Ann Arbor, U of Michigan Dearborn and Lawrence Tech.

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    A final update.

    The workshop will be held in the IAVS Building on the University of Michigan-Dearborn campus on the afternoon of Saturday, March 29th. The address is 4901 Evergreen Road, Southfield, MI 48128.

    The cost is $5 for SAE members who pre-register, and $10 for non-members or those who register on the day. Registration is via the SAE Detroit Section web site at:

    For this first workshop, there will be no Webex coverage.

    On-site registration is from noon until 12.30 pm. The presentations will start at 12.30 pm, and will be:
    - Competition Overview and Rules Changes by yours truly.
    - Best Practices by Daniel Bocci and Dennis Brown
    - Getting through Tech Inspection by Daniel Bocci and Dennis Brown. This will be a mock tech inspection of the cars on site with the live video of the inspections being put up on a large screen so that everyone can see the points of discussion.
    - We will finish with a General Q & A at around 4.00 pm.

    The timing has been chosen so that a significant number of teams can drive to the workshop and return home without having to stay away from campus overnight. In addition to U of M-Dearborn, U of M, and LTU, these include FH and FSAE-Electric teams from:
    - Ferris State, Akron, McMaster, Waterloo, Guelph, Illinois IT, Carnegie Mellon, Purdue and Illinois. All of those are within a 5 1/2 hour drive.

    We are expecting to have cars from U of Michigan -Dearborn, U of M Ann Arbor and LTU on hand. However, we do encourage other teams to bring their cars even if the are incomplete or not running.

    You will not have a better opportunity to gain knowledge that could be the difference between getting on track at the competition or not.

    Michael Royce.

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