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Thread: tractive system on PCB - "under coating"?

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    tractive system on PCB - "under coating"?


    in the FSAE rule EV4.1.7 for tractive system voltages on a PCB there is a table with minimum required spaces. One coloumn with min. spaces has the title "under coating". What does this "under coating" mean? Is solder resist such a "coating"?


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    Best would be to ask the official judges through your team login.
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    the word missing in the rules is "conformal" - see here for explanation. Thatīs at least what standards I know refer to. Thereīs multiple companies producing such "conformal coatings" and some are avilable as spray can so you can apply it on your own. Iīm sure customer support of one of them will be happy to advise you a product and send you a sample of it

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