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Thread: Cp4226 cad

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    Cp4226 cad

    Hi! I'm looking for the Cad of the caliper cp4226.
    Does anyone have it?
    I use any of the following formats: IGES, Solidworks, x_t or Inventor


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    There are drawings available on the AP racing website.. Accurate enough to make a reasonable CAD dummy!
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    If you email AP, they are also willing to send solid models to you on request. Master cylinders, calipers, clutches, what ever you're looking for.

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    hi there. i'm a student at Kookmin Univ, South Korea and involved in a formula student racing team named Kookmin Racing.

    Can anyone get the solid models of master cylinders on CATIA or solid works? cuz i actually tried to get it from Wilwood but i was rejected. kk

    So i wonder if AP racing also doesn't want to give it to students.

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    Last year AP sent me CAD for their master cylinders with no hesitation. Wilwood may not have 'customer models' available and historically have been really possessive of their information or not very knowledgeable about it.

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