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Thread: Main hoop bracing supports

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    Main hoop bracing supports

    This is to enquire about the main hoop bracing supports according to the rule T3.13.6.
    In order to complete the triangulation the highlighted part 2 has a bent in the rod connecting the main hoop bracing to the lowest part of the main hoop.
    Is this bent a violation?
    also is there a necessity to connect node 1 (end of main hoop brace) and node 3 (node of the upper side impact tube).
    Thanks in advance...
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    Have you read the rulebook?

    Also have a look at this link:

    The bent tube is a violation unless you triangulate the bend to another chassis node with a tube of equal wall diameter. T3.5.5.
    There is a need to connect nodes 1 and 3. See the link and T3.13.6.

    Adam Farabaugh
    Penn Electric Racing

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