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Thread: Keizer Wheels Thank you, Updates & Sponsorship

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    Keizer Wheels Thank you, Updates & Sponsorship

    A big thanks to all the teams that worked with us over the last few years. Our business continues to grow rapidly and so seems our involvement with SAE teams. Worldwide we are servicing 100's of teams every year with 1000's of wheels in custom builds. Most all are 1 off to your specs. Last year we had some ups and downs as we pushed to limit to some of our CL designs. Made some profile cuts in the CL series that would have worked great years ago but not so much with the great cars the teams are engineering today. We thank the few teams that had troubles for the positive feedback, allowing us to correct the problem, and working with us without trying to create an internet mess. Problems were order specific, due to aggressive profile cuts. If any teams ever have any problems don't hesitate to call. The CL series overall, has been updated and will continue to be a good piece in years to come. It’s awesome to see the teams continuing to push the cars harder with their designs. It’s forced us to continue to refine as well. Hats off to the teams that create their own wheel centers. We have seen a lot of great designs over the years. Over the next several months we are going to try and get accurate models of all the individual wheel parts. This hopefully will assist all in packaging your suspension designs. At the moment we just have a few samples for download available. We still have years of data & spec sheets from teams previous years. If you need them we should have them. Good luck this year and be in touch. Please send us your team photo and videos! We will feature your school. If any teams are attending the PRI please stop by the booth and say hello. We would love to show you everything we do.

    50%OFF!!! New for this season! Any team recording a major competition victory with a complete wheel package from Keizer wheels will qualify for 50% off their next purchase. Must present photo and race report. Must have invoice dated no earlier than 2 years of competition (we will have that record for you).

    Sponsorship, we are still offering the $100 off complete wheels to the teams that take us on as a sponsor. Some pricing is below. We ask you stop at our website anytime or call in for questions or quotes. We look forward to this build season as it looks like a lot of teams are hitting it hard this year.

    Retail pricing on 10" wheels.
    10i=$275each @ qty4 $265each @ qty 8.
    CL10=$325each @ qty4 $300each @ qty 8.
    10K=$275each @ qty4 $265each @ qty 8. *new 4x156&144 patterns

    Sponsorship agreement pricing on 10" wheels.
    10i=$175each @ qty4 $165each @ qty 8.
    CL10=$225each @ qty4 $200each @ qty 8.
    10K=$175each @ qty4 $165each @ qty 8. *new 4x156&144 patterns

    Retail pricing on 13" wheels.
    A1=$346each @ qty4 $315each @ qty 8.
    CL1/4L/Kosmo billet =$375each @ qty4 $350each @ qty 8.
    Kosmo Magnesium=$396each @ qty4 $364each @ qty 8.

    Sponsorship agreement pricing on 13" wheels
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    What is a major competition victory?
    We finished endurance after a 6 year wait and placed top 20 in Michigan which is a major victory for us.. but what about for you?

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