Just got through reading the Racecar Engineering issue on Formula Student and thought it was a great read (it's also free btw). If anyone else has gotten the chance to read it, what're your thoughts on the last article in the magazine? It was a about Rule A6.1: "Vehicles entered into Formula SAE competitions must be conceived, designed fabricated and maintained by the student team members without direct involvement from professional engineers, automotive engineers, racers, machinists or related professionals. Do you think it's ruining the integrity of FSAE to ignore this rule? Does it allow too much separation from top teams to lower teams?

I don't mean for this to discredit any team’s work. It takes a lot of work to design any team’s vehicle, whether you've got access to a wind tunnel and an autoclave or not. However, I have to admit that I get pretty envious when I look at some of the other teams cars. Obviously there’s a blurry line on the topic, but it was still a very thought provoking article. Thoughts?