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Thread: FOR SALE!! Mizzou Formula SAE CAR #84

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    FOR SALE!! Mizzou Formula SAE CAR #84


    Mizzou Racing Car 84 - 2005
    Here is your chance own a part of Mizzou Racing History. We are selling car 84 from 2005 which took 20th overall in the Formula SAE competition that year. Even Though the car is from 2005, it still runs and drives nicely. Has four wheel independent push/pull rod suspension and with center lock wheels. This carís space frame has an engine/trans that was relocated from a Honda CBR 600 motorcycle for proven power and reliability. It is a mid-engined car with a torsen differential, driving the rear wheels. It is fuel injected with a custom map, custom exhaust and custom intake. The car has AP Racing calipers in the rear and wildwood calipers in the front with custom rotors at all 4 corners and an adjustable balance bar to change brake bias. This car also has a side mounted radiator, exhaust, and battery tray to improve the center of gravity.

    The only thing that the car will need is a battery. This car would be great for a new and upcoming Formula SAE team to get them on their feet, SCCA member or someone just looking to have a great time. Along with car 84, you will also be receiving a center lug nut socket, and an extra set of used tires with a decent amount of tread left on them.

    For more information please contact Jacob, jacob.brown@mail.missouri.edu.

    There will be limited loading assistance.

    Items will not be released from the University of Missouri-Surplus Property without the buyers certificate.



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    What did it end up selling for?

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