All aboard the MoTeC train!

As the other users have pointed out, MoTeC is an excellent option. The only downside is the price. For an FSAE car, you should be able to get by with just an M84 (as opposed to an M400), but that depends on what your needs are. The disadvantage of the M84 is that the inputs are fixed and some of the compensation tables are fixed. However, you can often work around these limitations by putting your sensor into that input. You just can't change the name (so keep track of it!). One great thing about the M84 is that it comes standard with a single lambda control and 512k logging, which would otherwise cost $938 for the M400 (before a discount. MoTeC offers a discount to all FSAE teams.).

But either way, whether you look the M84 or the hundred series, the software is the same. It's very well laid out, there are help menus that explain certain functions, and, in some case, suggested parameters to use (fueling compensations, filter values for your ref/sync sensors, etc...). While all of MoTeC's software is free, this is one of the reasons why MoTeC products cost a bit more than anything else. They made easy to use products that can also be used in extremely advanced applications. My favorite question is "Can the ECU do this?", and it's almost always a yes with MoTeC.

As far as tech support goes, MoTeC has excellent tech support and is always willing to help. However, these products are so well engineered that you will not have to call them all the time asking for help. Especially with all of the webinars and extra information they provide on the website (

I have not worked with any of the other ECUs so I can not do a comparison with those.

One thing to consider though is that MoTeC has launched a new ECU series (M1) and the may be coming out with an FSAE package. The M1 an open sourced based system that allows each package to be set up for specific applications. The ECU offers other benefits that you can read about on MoTeC's website. While this ECU is great to work with, you shouldn't look down on the hundred series. Those are still extremely powerful ECUs and should be able to do anything you need for an FSAE car.

If you have any questions about the MoTeC ECUs, or any of their other products, feel free to ask me.