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Thread: 2013 Lincoln Endurance Track

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    2013 Lincoln Endurance Track

    Hey everybody,

    I was getting down to business analyzing our performance in the endurance event, comparing our times with Auburn's and UW's and I happened to notice something interesting. At some point during the day, the straights/passing lanes apparently swapped position. Did anybody else notice that? In the morning session, the "being passed lane" is on the outside of the course, however in the afternoon the "being passed lane" is on the inside! I couldn't believe my eyes, but it's right there in the video. In addition, there seem to be cones "missing" between the first slalom and the first straight. Am I crazy, or was there a definite change in the track layout?

    Here are a pair of screen shots to illustrate my point.

    Morning session:

    Afternoon session:

    I know the perspective is different, but you can follow the lines in the concrete and see that the cars are at the same point on the track.

    I don't want to be a "stirrer" or "problem maker," but how can I accurately compare our performance to the top team's if the track has been altered?

    Here's the video, you watch and you decide.



    Anybody have any thoughts?

    I believe these cones are missing from the afternoon session:
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    The Auburn video you posted is from the 2012 event.

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    Well call me dipped, you're absolutely right. I searched for 2013 Endurance and that was the one that came up first.

    Apologies all around!

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    I swear I was pulling my hair out trying to figure how the course changed! Man alive...

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