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Thread: Motor Structural Casing ( EV2.2.1 )

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    Post Motor Structural Casing ( EV2.2.1 )

    The new rule in the Electric Powertrain ( EV2.2.1 ) is not clear about having a complete casing around the motor or if you can have a casing just above the motor.

    In case of having a complete casing, is necessary to have the motor's poles inside it or they can be outside ?

    ''EV2.1.2 Motors must be contained within a structural casing where the thickness is at least 3.0 mm (0.120
    inch). The casing must use an Aluminum Alloy of at least 6061-T6 grade or better if a casing
    thickness of 3.0mm is used. If lower grade alloys are used then the material must be thicker to
    provide an equivalent strength. ''

    Thank you for your help.


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    Casing above the motor, as in just like an access cover? As long as the rest of the housing that the motor sits in meets those same material specs I doubt it would be a problem, but the intent is obviously that the entire motor is housed in a structurally secured enclosure made of material at least 3.0MM thick and at least as strong as 6061-T6 aluminum.

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