Hello all,

I am from a relatively new team at the University of Pennsylvania, and we've already completed much of the mechanical and electrical design, with a few lingering concerns.

We are planning on a simple team-made AMS using LTC6803 chips (12 cell sense lines to a board). I can't quite figure out the best way to handle the fusing requirements. The rules seem to prefer fusible link wires to protect sense lines, but there are restrictions and requirements for extra protection for non-voltage rated or low-voltage rated fusible link wires. All I can seem to find online are low-voltage links (like this and that) likely designed for low voltage automotive components. Searching for high voltage links turns up power line equipment. Does anyone know of any high voltage (300V) rated links, or another solution that doesn't require adding bulky fuses to the ends of all the sense lines?

--Parth Patel
University of Pennsylvania
Penn Electric Racing