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Thread: fitting of rims into the tyres

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    fitting of rims into the tyres

    Hi. I am Srinivas Manish, a 3rd year mechanical engineering student from VIT university,Vellore. i am part of formula electric car team known as TEAM OJAS. As we are a group of inexperienced budding engineers, we have certain doubts regarding the rim and wheel assembly.
    We have slicks of dimensions;21.2 outer dia, thickness: 6 inches
    rim dia: 13 inches
    We wanted to clarify whether we can assemble slicks to the rim of high performance tyres of the above mentioned specifications without coming across any
    difficulties while doing so. I hope you respond to this question as soon as possible. Regards.

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    Thickness? You mean width, correct?
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    yes, i meant to say width itself.

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    What doubts do you have about mounting them?
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    we have rims fixed to high performance tyres. Is it possible to take these rims out of the tyres and place them in the slicks as the cost of new rims is high.

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    I think normally you can remove the tire from the rim and put on a new tire. In least in my experience it is possible. You have to be careful though, because sometimes the inflation pressure has gone away after you have replaced the tire on the rim.

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    Hey dopey,
    What do you do when your 'high performance' tyres wear out?
    I assume you would replace them.
    So, it does not take a stretch of your obviously limited imagination to figure out you can change them before they are worn out!
    Put your brain in gear before asking anything more of the forum!

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    Letting the tires out of the wheels.

    It much easier to change wheels from tires if you let out the air first. To help the environment, please save the air into a strong container and install the air again to save whales, polar bears and student loans.

    If air is lost, you have permission to use starter fluid to remount wheels onto the tires. No more than 5 seconds and use a very long match. Be sure to use new tires rightaway because they will be warm and cozy and ready to race with. Safety glasses are a must to not spill drinks.

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    Personally I'm surprised that Indian teams are still using outdated clincher technology. If you want to be a baller you need to roll on proper hand sewn tubulars like the pros.

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