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Thread: Detroit Section SAE FSAE Workshop

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    Attention all FSAE and Formula Hybrid teams in the mid-west.

    The Detroit Section SAE will be holding its annual Formula SAE workshop on Saturday, October 22nd at the University of Michigan Dearborn.

    The link to register and for the agenda is:
    http: / / www.sae-detroit.org/students/collegiate/

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    An update.

    The Workshop will be held in the IAVS Building on the University of Michigan's Dearborn Campus. The IAVS Building is on Richard Drive, which runs parallel to Evergreen Road, north of Michigan Avenue, Dearborn.

    Registration opens at 9.00 am. Lunch will be provided.

    For those that cannot make the trip in person, SAE is planning to offer access via Webex. SAE-I is sending out the Webex information to the student sections. If I can find it out, I will post it here. (Webex may be "good", but nothing beats being there in person! And a lot of the value is talking directly with members of other teams and looking at the cars that are brought to the Workshop).

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    For those of you unable to make it to the Workshop in person, the Webex information from Diane McGuire at SAE is below.

    You will have to register with her by 5.00 pm tomorrow, Thursday (sorry about the short notice, but it had been sent out in a newsletter from SAE-I).

    2011 Formula SAE® Workshop Webinar
    Hosted by the SAE Detroit Section <h t t p:/ / www.sae-detroit.org/>

    For teams unable to attend in person, you can now register for the workshop via WebEx.
    Date: Saturday, October 22
    Time: 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Cost: None

    You can either call into the webinar (not a toll free number) or use the Voice over IP (VoIP) option.

    To register
    Email your name and university to dmcguire@sae.org; you’ll receive the login instructions by email.

    Deadline to register - 5:00 pm Thursday, October 20 (EDT)

    System requirements
    § WebEx meeting manager

    § Speakers

    § Flash Player 6.0 or later

    § Windows Media Player 9.0 or higher

    § QuickTime 7.1 or later

    To verify that your computer has the necessary players, go to ht t p s :/ / sae.webex.com/sae/systemdiagnosis.php.

    Diane McGuire
    Sections & Collegiate Chapters
    +1 724-772-7141 (work)

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    The presentations from the Formula SAE Workshop that was held on October 22nd are now posted on the SAE Detroit Section's web site at:

    http: / / www.sae-detroit.org/students/collegiate/

    From the surveys that we got back, it was quite well received!

    The follow-up will be a Collegiate Roadshow at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis on Saturday, December 10th. We did a couple of them back in 2006. This one will be held in conjunction with the International Motorsports Industry Show (IMIS).

    This Roadshow will cover some vehicle development topics just as the teams should be moving into test and development for 2012.

    I will post more information tomorrow.

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    Damn, these are amazing, yet hard to find.

    I'm emailing the owner of FSAEonline.com to suggest they be mirrored on that site.

    Some of these would have been **incredibly** helpful during our earlier design phases.
    University of North Florida

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    Does anyone have the sponsorship-overview and the team-overciew presentations?

    The link on the site is broken and google can't find it
    University of North Florida

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    Osprey and others,
    Sorry. We have been having a problem with 3 of the presentations on the Detroit Section SAE web site, those being Sponsorship, Team Overview and the Presentation Event. We thought we had fixed them, but it appears we have not. I will send a note to the Detroit Section.

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    Osprey et al,
    The Detroit Section SAE web site has now got things fixed. The remaining 3 presentations are now "up" and viewable. These last 3 are the Presentation Event, the Team Overview and Sponsorship.

    You can find all the presentations from last October's Workshop at:

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