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Thread: Design links sources list

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    Quite useful website regarding practical tips.

    W w W dot pirate4x4 dot com / tech /

    No this is not a warez site or something....
    Conveyor Systems Design Engineer - EgyRoll
    AUMotorsports Team Leader 09-10
    Alexandria University, Egypt.

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    hi people, I'm a new commer to formula student from egypt:
    I was wondering if there are useful links about telemetry (hence: we decided to use a performance electronics ECU product)
    thx alot
    Osama Kamal
    Cairo University Racing Team
    communication and electronics department

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    Here is an absolutely great website for high quality electrical supplys, ie connectors battery accesories,relays,switches much much more. The prices I think are the best on the web

    The Electrical Depot.com

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    Many Thanks to you guys.But I find that some websites of Rim production company are not display
    their products.

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    Many original links are no longer accessible, so perhaps we could get an edit for the first post. Very useful thread, thank you all so much for taking the time to post all of this!

    If no one gets around to it, eventually I will go through everything and recompile it. Only question is should I post it here, or should we start a new thread since the original post is pretty old? Let me know what you think!

    Max Trenkle
    Tennessee Tech Motorsports
    Project Manager

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    Welding tips and tricks. A great channel for our welding needs.



    {Edit: Links Fixed]
    Conveyor Systems Design Engineer - EgyRoll
    AUMotorsports Team Leader 09-10
    Alexandria University, Egypt.

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    Hello! I am a newcomer to formula SAE and am getting a head start my senior year of high school. The university I will be attending next year doesn't have a team and I am hoping to start one. As all of you know there is tons of work involved and I am trying to get as far ahead now as i can. Does anyone have a condensed list/ best of list on books for

    picking parts:
    Chassis Design:
    engine build/design:
    picking up sponsors:

    amazon ratings don't quite do justice to the level of relevant info to FSAE that each books contain

    are there also threads on here about a walkthrough of teams getting started? I have heard of University of Nebraska Lincoln, the host of SAE West had such a thread but can't seem to find it (if i am blind don't hesitate to tell me)

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    There are two "stickied" threads worth reading, one called "Book List for reference to car design" and the other "SAE Papers on Formula SAE". You'll find useful suggestions there.

    I suggest "Learn & Compete: A Primer for Formula SAE, Formula Student and Formula Hybrid Teams" as a good place to start:


    If you can do it I would suggest attending one of this year's FSAE competitions as a spectator.
    Dr. Edward M. Kasprzak
    President: EMK Vehicle Dynamics, LLC
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    Thanks! I've already started a wish list on amazon for a ton of them

    I am actually attending all four days of Formula SAE West since its held only 40 or so miles away. Anything important I need to be looking for/ asking come june?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Metal Man View Post
    This i a new company in the UK called Pro Formance Metals, Phil worked for Elmdon Metals for 11 years plus but now he has started his own company.

    Phil has been supplying Formula Student teams in the UK and Europe for the past 10 years so he has a fair knowledge.

    www.proformancemetals.co.uk, sales@proformancemetals.co.uk.

    specialices in all Metals & Plastics to Motorsport.
    Yes his ROPT 510 roll over protection tubing is great for chassis!

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