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Thread: Design links sources list

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    FEA and Vehicle dynamics software

    Request a free license for FSAE teams at fsae@altair.com

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    Here's a similar site full of links that someone started a few years ago....

    Thought that I'd let all of the 'newer' guys know about it.

    FASE Links & Photos
    Jason Stuffel
    -Zips Racing Alum 03-06

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    back to the top...bump

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    up up and away

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    This should make a good sticky.
    Greg Hartman
    Cessna Aircraft
    Mizzou Racing 2003-2006

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    Just pimping my post. Hope it helps anyone new.
    Dan De Clute-Melancon
    Iowa State FSAE alumni
    Project Manager 03-04
    Engine Team Leader 02-03

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    Another one for the "Engine Management" section

    Link ElectroSystems Link ElectroSystems

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    For every type of industrial supply, you guys can try w ThomasNet.com, for fastener suppliers in your area (American Fasteners is on the list, and they have all the technical information you need, as they were listed in the initial post), you can go directly to their fasteners page:
    Let me know if this was helpful to you guys.

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    We've somehow "misplaced" our copy. And now I cannot find the Honda CBR600 F4i manual anywhere on the internet!

    I tried the links here, but they dont seem to work.

    Can someone pass me a link where I might find it?
    Nishant Jain.
    Ex-team member, Formula Manipal, India

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    Pegasus has heaps of stuff like steering wheel quickreleases, body panel hold-down pins, all the little stuff that might be hard to find...

    Technical Director UARC 2007


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