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Thread: Design links sources list

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    can they? probably. will they? i doubt it.

    The smallest they've got is a 10.25" which is 3bolt on 5.5" bc.
    Kyle Jeffries

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    what about price wise i talked to one of their sales guys, but he hasn;t given me a price yet.

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    Any good manufacturing ones? I've been trying to find a list of all tolerances so I can make up an excel macro that spits out the dimensions for a hole/shaft given diameter and desired fit. Found some at http://www.ecs.umass.edu/mie/labs/md...fitandtol.html but not all of them. (BTW, it's a fairly basic page, but might come in handy...)

    (EDIT: Ok, so it's not quite design, but still... might help to get drawings done quicker... or something...)

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    Here is an awesome thread on another forum (which is a good forum for anyone interested in locosts) that gives links to almost all bike manuals out there.


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    What dampers are these?

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    It never occured to me before that this might be useful, but here's a page that has the diameter, weight and current capacity of most wire gauges (specs are for copper, but I don't imagine there are too many people using aluminum wiring)

    Wire-Gauge Ampacities
    Jon Rawlings
    Electromotive, Inc.
    Kansas State Univ Formula SAE 2001-2004

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    Another great all around company:
    Wick's Aircraft Supply http://www.wicksaircraft.com

    This post needs to stay at the top.
    Greg Hartman
    Cessna Aircraft
    Mizzou Racing 2003-2006

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    Nooooo not Harbor Freight.

    Just about everything -
    Colorado FSAE | '05 - '07
    Goodyear Tire & Rubber | '07 - '11
    NASCAR Engineer | '11 - ??

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    For tools try http://www.toolparadise.com . Cheapest tools on the 'net, decent brands (OTC, SK, Proto, IR, etc...).

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