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Thread: ice auto cross, yeah im serious

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    For anyone close to Detroit, there's a few ice autocrosses on Saginaw Bay. Go to http://www.myautoevents.com/ then click on Ice Races to see more. They're the "Blizzaks on the Bay" events. I'm hoping to run the one on Feb 18th in my bimmer.

    This link might work...
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    Ice racing is the majority of the racing that we do up here, we even have a two week celebration called Fur Rondy with three different races; one on a lake, one through downtown Anchorage, and one in an open field. Theres plenty of ice for it too, its been between -10 and 15 here for the last month or so. Yeah, I'm down with ice racing.

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    Spencer I go to Western Washington University. I think it was the UBCSCC slush series race. it was a waste of time on slicks. I did get to prove others on my team can't drive though.

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