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Thread: ice auto cross, yeah im serious

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    So a few of my team mates and I were BS'ing at the bar a few nights ago about getting a set of studded snow tires for the '05 car and taking it on a plowed frozen lake we know of. Then I got to thinking about having a small competition, five to ten teams, with other Midwest teams willing to make the trip to Wisconsin. Entrance fees would be minimal, mostly to tip the guy with the plow, and all events would be TT, no wheel to wheel.

    This isn't definite, I'm just seeing if there is any interest. I don't even know if the lake owner would allow a planned event, he just offered it to us.

    If you think this is foolish you are probably right, but it will be a whole lot of fun. Also I've read that a good set of studded tires on clean ice have more grip than most tires on asphalt.

    Let me know what you guys think.

    P.S. The winner's trophy will be an ice carving, so I hope your shop has a freezer. Or if your school would not approve it would be easy to dispose of the evidence.

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    That sounds awesome. Too bad I graduated already.

    We did have an unofficial "Grand Prix of Snow" a week or two ago at OptimumG in our street cars, though. I'm sure it would be way more fun in an FSAE car, especially on ice.

    Apparently drivers from Estonia are really good at keeping the car at the "optimum g" in low mu conditions.

    The FSAE ice-autocross sounds like ridiculous fun, you should definitely make it happen.
    Matt Giaraffa
    Missouri S&T (UMR) FSAE 2001 - 2005

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    a traction control competition


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    UW-Platteville is definitely in, not sure what we are gona run but we will bring something. We were just talkin about ice racing events the other nite and about how our dyno sponsor had his 400hp awd Audi out there last year along with some cool cars. email me, duwem at uwplatt.edu
    Mike Duwe
    UWP Alumni

    Former Drivetrain Leader and Team Captain

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    we were actually joking around about modding some old tires with studs and doing this, i think it would be a ton of fun in one of the old cars if this goes down maybe i can convince enough people to do it

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    That would be hilarious. Cones flyin all over the place. Cars falling through the ice.

    So yea I'd be in.
    Colorado FSAE | '05 - '07
    Goodyear Tire & Rubber | '07 - '11
    NASCAR Engineer | '11 - ??

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    too bad our above average temps have resulted in thin ice this winter. I did see some modded dirt bikes with studded tires runnin around in Beaver Dam this weekend. Darn global warming!
    Mike Duwe
    UWP Alumni

    Former Drivetrain Leader and Team Captain

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    funny I was talking about this yesterday...too bad we aren't even remotely close to frozen lakes...
    Micah McMahan
    Freelance Design Engingeer
    Former MSI Defense Solutions - Sr. Design Engineer/Project Manager
    Former Roush Yates Engines - Sr. Design & Analysis Engineer
    3MI Racing LLC Owner/Engineer
    ODU FSAE 04 member, 05 controls leader, 06 control/ergo/brakes leader, 07 brakes/MC22 turbo engine/Asst Team Leader

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    Well we were out and a'bout in Canada (BC) at an autocross at pittmedows at an autocross on sunday on 10" old slicks in or on I should say standing water. Mise well have been ice the Cof might have been higher or at least more consistant. wish we could come.
    Tom the cad progam is on it's way

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    Where do you go to school?

    A few of us usually go out with the UBCSCC but haven't recently.
    UBC Formula SAE

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