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Thread: Engine 3D Model Subaru EJ22-EJ20

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    I am industrial design, i design one car project with subaru engine. but I have big problem. i don't find technical information this engines (wide , height, etc.)
    I seek some flat drawing or CAD drawing (autocad, jpg or pdf).
    I can do very detailed 3D model from one flat drawing. i can share this model with other users or upload to public archive.
    i need your help, i accept help anyone
    i need only 2D images (front, top, side)
    ej20, ej22 any H 4 subaru engine.

    i can modeling other engines, whit flat drawings

    i have other engines.
    this pictures are chevy V8 350 twin turbo engine.
    itīs very detailed 3d model with perfect dimensions. i can share this engine..

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    Hello Dogcars,

    unfortunately I am not able to help with your search. I hope you found a solution. Like you, I am an industrial Designer and I am developing a supercar that is planned to be launched in 2014. Question: What would be your request in order to get the 3D-model of the chevy engine?
    I am planning to install a similar GM-engine.
    Thank you in advance for your reply!

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    Hi already have the complete 3D model of the Subaru EJ20 engine in step format (original file is solidworks 2011) write me at nicolastalbot@email.com and I will send it to you... Have a good day!

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    Hi Nicolas, did you heard anything from Dogcars? I am still looking for a 3D-Model of an Chevy-engine. The newest would be the best (e.g. LS9-model or LS7). If you have contact with Dogcars, please don't hesitate to contact me. I wish you all the best for the new year!

    take care!, Genesis

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